Special Issue on Blockchain Digital Interface & Blockchain Use-Case for social innovation


The blockchain technology appears as a promising phenomenon in development with huge impacts on systems design in general and design management in particular. Rethink and reshape users’ interfaces are important issues for disintermediated social relations.

The purpose of this special issue, elaborated in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair ITEN, is to study the use of blockchain technology for social innovation, sustainable development and the preservation of Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This issue will also highlight research and contributions on the adaptation of digital interfaces to the specificities of the blockchain and new approaches in this field. Blockchain wallet to connect to blockchain ecosystems, the preponderance of smartcontracts and scanners for data stored on blockchains (Etherscan type) are several specificities of the blockchain compared to the classical web that can be studied in transdisciplinary research to facilitate general public adoption (especially for non-permissioned blockchains) by the general public.

The special edition on blockchain will be organized in three parts :

  • Editorial presentation in collaboration with UNESCO Chair ITEN
  • Peer reviewed papers
  • Blockchain stakeholders’ interview (researchers, entrepreneurs, institutional agents)

For Peer reviewed papers, guide lines are available at the following address:  http://ijdst.europia.org/index.php/ijdst/about/submissions

Special attention will be paid for the Special Edition on Blockchain on transdisciplinary and innovative proposals.

These pre-proposals for papers will have to submitted at the latest on January 6th, 2020.

Pre-proposals will be selected no later than 1 February 2020

Proposals should be submitted at the latest on May 1, 2020.

Please submit your pre-proposal by subscribing at the following address: http://ijdst.europia.org/index.php/ijdst/submission/wizard  and by sending an email to Renan Mouren (rmouren@msh-paris.fr) and to Matthieu Quiniou (mquiniou@msh-paris.fr).


Editor-in-Chief : Khaldoun Zreik

Guest editors : Renan Mouren (member UNESCO Chair ITEN) & Matthieu Quiniou (member ITEN UNESCO Chair)