Rethinking The Performance of Envelopes in Architecture

  • Sareh Saeidi Derakhshi Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)
Keywords: Architectural Envelopes, Performance-Oriented Design, Taxonomy of Envelopes, Architectural Envelopes’ Inhabitation, In-Between Spaces


The paper’s objective is to propose a redefinition of the notion of ‘envelope’ in architecture that goes beyond the common definitions of ‘building skin’ or ‘façade.’ The intention is to ground the notion of ‘envelope’, within the context of contemporary discourse on ‘performance’ in architecture, as an extended threshold that affects humans’ experience of architectural space. This is done through four thematic sections: [a] discussion of selected conceptual approaches to the notion of envelopes based on literature study; [b] a proposed taxonomy of envelope types based on an analysis of built and unbuilt projects; [c] research-bydesign inquiry by way of designing performative envelopes, and [d] formulation of a resulting position including a synthesized conceptual and methodological approach for the purpose of further development. The aim is to initiate a design approach that intensifies the interrelation between interior and exterior through specific performance foci.

Normal Paper (no special issue)