Using block chain to drive the transformation of digital cultural heritage resources into digital assets in China

  • Xiao Zhang Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
  • Deling Yang Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Keywords: Block chain, digital cultural heritage, digital asset, intellectual property, digital identity and certificate storage


Digital cultural heritage resources in China are being transformed into digital assets. Protecting the intellectual property of these resources requires creating digital identity and certificate storage methods that are compatible with different management needs. Based on the latest policies on integrating cultural heritage, science and technology, and block chain development in China, this paper summarizes the key current issues related to protecting the intellectual property of digital cultural heritage. Based on that, the paper analyzes the innovative development cases of applying block chain technology to digital identities and the certificate storage of cultural relics. This paper explores the creation of a digital identity and certificate storage management system for cultural relics, based on block chain and multi-modal data, the innovative development of the asset trust mechanism formed by digital cultural heritage on the Internet of value, and the driving effect involved in transforming digital cultural heritage into digital assets.

Special Issue: Blockchain