Full-stack User-Centered Approach for Wearable technology design

  • Paolo Perego Politecnico di Milano
  • Roberto Sironi Politecnico di Milano
Keywords: User Centered design, UCD, Wearable technology, Design approach, Design methodology, Pervasive Healthcare, Rehabilitation


Wearables are easing the transition towards a personalized medicine, bringing healthcare to anyone, anytime and anywhere by removing locational, time and other restraints, while increasing its coverage, customization and quality.

For wearable devices, the human factors are essential in all the phases; from conception to subsequent design development. Current solutions are cumbersome and, despite they are designed according to standardized guidelines, they are developed for skilled users (physicians or engineers), without taking into consideration the real actors who will use and wear them: the patients.

This paper aims to describe a new full-stack approach integrating design and technology requirements for the development of wearable systems, and applying this for a new system dedicated to rehabilitation, based on a modular textile sensing platform fitting to different users and applications.

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