Current Issue

Vol 23 No 2 (2019)
International Journal of Design Sciences & Technology

Editors-in-Chief: Khaldoun Zreik
Editors: Guillaume Besacier, Mithra Zahedi

Published: 2019-04-10


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The International Journal of Design Sciences and Technology is an independent and open platform for disseminating design knowledge. The design of new products drives to solve problems that their solutions are still partial and their tools and methods are rudimentary. Design is applied in extremely various fields and implies numerous agents during the entire process of elaboration and realisation. The International Journal of Design Sciences and Technology is a multidisciplinary forum dealing with all facets and fields of design. It endeavours to provide a framework with which to support debates on different social, economic, political, historical, pedagogical, philosophical, scientific and technological issues surrounding design and their implications for both professional and educational design environments. The focus is on both general as well as specific design issues, at the level of design ideas, experiments and applications.